The Introduction

I'm Rob. I code and I design. I help small businesses reach their goals.

If I had a tail, I'd own the place.

You can bet if I had another pair of arms I would be a freak, but a very productive one. As a freelance designer sometimes it's not possible to get all I want accomplished. Another set of arms would definitely help. I have to work within my abilities and time constraints – just like you and your business. I work smart. I am efficient. I am a gentleman. Well, at least my wife thinks so. I run my business all while raising my daughter. And that is no easy task. I have to work quickly and efficiently. Now, if only I had a tail.

The Details

Stay focused. Work smarter, not harder.

Website Design Services

I love to get dirty with code. I code HTML5 websites with responsive design frameworks. Need a CMS? I've got your back. Wordpress, Fork, SquareSpace – I can get you up and running.

Dynamic Database Integration

Without information, where would we be? Integrate CRM data, product information, and more into your business website. Make your site dynamic and begin to interact with your clients.

Print Design Services

From business cards to billboards, I can deliver print-ready materials for all your business needs. Echo your business brand in any form of print media.

e-Commerce Business Solutions

Don't give yor customers another excuse to walk away. Give them the opportunity to buy products and services online. I can integrate many popular shopping carts and payment processing methods.

The Efforts


This is a small sample of my project portfolio.

Due to non-disclosure agreements not all completed projects can be displayed per the client's request.